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Private Client Law Group @ Oseran Hahn, P. S.
The trust & estate, business and wealth planning practice group at Oseran Hahn, P.S.

2014 marks a fundamental change in our practice... we joined a mature, boutique firm to enhance our services with richer, deeper, and broader array of legal services and accumulated wisdom.

Oseran Hahn, P.S. and our practice group, is focused on the needs of each individual client, their specific goals and concerns, and how to help them navigate their life a little easier when legal issues need attention.  Our approach to law remains a bit different than the norm and our new firm helps us define that difference.

We are different in the way we work with clients, different in the way we value clients, different in ways we help clients, and different in that we always “have our clients back” instead of just practicing law.  Don’t get us wrong, this is still the practice of law, but we do it with one goal in mind about what that practice creates – ADVOCATES rather than mere clients because of CLIENT VALUE received.

What is CLIENT VALUE you might ask?  It isn’t a cliche to us, it is simply two tenets – SWAN (Sleep Well at Night) and SOP (Success on Purpose).  These are the tenets that our clients value and thank us for every day, and is the main reason we joined Oseran Hahn, P.S.  It's a shared passion.  We know that if we do good work, our clients, you, become our Advocates – which is where our clients proactively tell their friends, colleagues, and family about us.  What more could we ask for…

Our firm, Oseran, Hahn, P.S., is located at the Skyline Tower in Bellevue.  When you come to see us, you may want to have a little extra time to check out the shops and restaurants if you have the time.  It's a wonderful, thriving business center.

This Change is about you, our Clients and Business Colleagues. We now have the opportunity to work within a firm where all your legal needs can be served and will enable us to deliver your legal solutions more conveniently and economically.

Thank you for putting your trust in us and being a client and/or partner with us for over 25 years... or longer if you are already an Oseran Hahn client-advocate. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with you in coming years.