Gun Trusts
The Northwest Gun Law Group are the attorneys of three law firms dedicated to help every firearms owner enjoy his or her Second Amendment Rights.  We believe in individual rights and personal responsibility.

Whether you need a living trust or Will, to set up an LLC or corporation, to restore your gun rights or to get help with a civil lawsuit, we are here for you.  And, if you carry concealed or use a firearm for personal protection, and you are concerned about dealing with the immediate aftermath of a gun-related incident, ask us about our Gun Lawyer 911 Program.

One of our founders created the GunDocx(TM) Gun Trust System, taught and distributed nationally by WealthCounsel, LLC to gun lawyers across the country.  We teach lawyers and citizens concealed carry and use of deadly force courses that combine classroom training with live action scenario and tactical live-fire drills with locally renowned shooting instructors.

We offer three levels of Trusts for our clients, depending on their needs and complexity of their personal situation.  For many basic gun owners, the Bronze Trust may be sufficient.  If after you review this trust, you find it may not be adequate for your needs, please let us know and we can advise you on which level would be most appropriate.  Protecting you and your family in this area is our primary objective.

GOLD Trust – $Price Varies based on customizations selected, complexity, creativity.
SILVER Trust - $500 (20% discount for groups)