Our Approach
You, Your Family, Your Wealth – what does this really mean?  It means nothing or no one is or should be treated as an “island” – it’s all interrelated and linked together in some way.  That is how we approach working with you – a collection of people and issues and what we find works best is helping pull these together so they all work together and support each other.  We have found this is the way to deliver the best results to you at the highest value to you and still do it for a reasonable cost.

We developed the ”Continuum  of Care” to keep your plan on track.

From the moment we meet you, we gather information about you and your goals, then develop a design, then help you implement a plan.  But it doesn’t stop there… because no plan survives contact with life.  Our ClientCare program is the maintenance part of your plan to improve your chances of success… we interact with you on purpose after you sign a plan to make certain it reflects your current goals, the makeup of your family or friends, the assets you own, and current law..

We are truly successful if you are not merely satisfied with our services, but when you becoming an Advocate (Raving Fan) of our firm.