Our Passion

Members of our group have practiced estate and business law for decades.  Our focus is on protecting people.  We share a  vision that we plan for people who want to make a positive difference, and not for things.  Our experience has been that most lawyers focus on techniques rather than our clients' core values and beliefs which should actually drive estate and business services.

We sensed, but did not know until later, that all of us, each person, merely want to live our lives, be okay, and to “matter” or make a difference.  So over the last fourteen years we have built a practice model to help each person take care of #1 so that others could be helped from a position of strength.  This creates a legacy, the “matters” or “make a difference” part.

A legacy, your legacy, is what others say about you when you are not around.  Perhaps this one thing, more than the wealth a person accumulates, is the most precious gift any of us can give.  This gift is made whether intended or not.  So we work to bring this to your attention – you are the rock on which others depend; we are the stonemasons that shape the story of the rock.  Another way to say it is that “Planning helps you be what you want to be, but more importantly what others need you to be”.